Arma 3 Heading to PC this fall, System Specs, Run without Lags

The majority of video game players these days, are multiplayers. They love to play online for that additional challenge. Arma 3 engages not only multiplayer but joint effort on a high level. That high level is set by the gamers. Once you plunge into the land of Arma 3, you will stumble over yourself talking as if you have been in the forces for years, and you will also be able to swim through water to travel more quickly. The Arma 3 takes place in the Mediterranean Sea, and will feature some amazing underground sceneries.

Arma 3 will hit store shelves this fall and if you are interested in buying this game, make sure that your PC’s System Specs meets the minimum requirements to run it without any lags. The Minimum System Requirements to run Arma 3:

Microsoft Windows Vista or Windows 7

Intel Core i5 750 or AMD Phenom X4

2 GB of RAM

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 260 or ATI Radeon HD 5770

15 GB of free hard disk space

Arma 3 - 'Lighting Showcase' Trailer

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