The Darkness Back with their Third Album Hot Cakes

The Darkness are back with new material and original band members! After striking the world with their sophomore album "One Way Ticket to Hell... and Back" it was quiet around them for a while. After seven years since their second album, The Darkness have returned and are geared up to slap contemporary rock in the face and rock your socks off with their new album Hot Cakes. In contrast to all the other music out there today, The Darkness is a remarkable group! Their hits stick way out in this day and age, when the majority contemporary rock "music" comprises of bratty juvenile delinquents thumping the strings of their down tuned guitars, thrashing away at the drums, and yelling the lyrics in a hostile manner. To hear a classical style rock n roll group in this era of angst ridden rock music is very good indeed.

The Darkness will release Hot Cakes CD on August 21, 2012 on Atlantic records.

The Darkness will have the following tracklist:

1."Every Inch of You" -

2."Nothing's Gonna Stop Us"

3."With a Woman"

4."Keep Me Hanging On"

5."Livin' Every Day Blind"

6."Everybody Have a Good Time"

The Darkness, new, cd, cover, Hot Cakes, image, front
7."She Just a Girl Eddie"

8."Forbidden Love"


10."Street Spirit"

11."Love is Not The Answer"