Dead End Kings: Katatonia Working on Next record, tour dates

For those who have not heard of Katatonia, they are a dark, progressive mix of melancholic and aggressive melodies. Their sound is very much similar to bands like Opet and Pink Floyd. The composition of the songs allows them to move from occasionally very ambient, melodic and depressing to serious aggressive often times compound riffs. The vocals are hardly ever yelled, and if they are it's generally in the background, which makes a memorable aura. With the majority of their records, I find myself describing the transformations that have taken place between the present release and its predecessor. This has been owing to the group’s habit of regularly editing their sound, growing from their raw deathly doom of the nineties through to the still doomy but far more commercial rock of the group today. This steady change could also be owing to their line-up changing regularly over the years.

The band is currently working on their ninth album Dead End Kings, set for release on August 27, 2012 though Peaceville.

Track list

1. "The Parting" (track length 4:52)
2. "The One You Are Looking for is Not Here" (featuring Silje Wergeland of The Gathering) (3:52)
3. "Hypnone" (4:07)
4. "The Racing Heart" (4:06)
5. "Buildings" (3:28)
6. "Leech" (4:23)
7. "Ambitions" (5:07)
8. "Undo You" (4:56)
9. "Lethean" (4:39)
10. "First Prayer" (4:28)
11. "Dead Letters" (4:49)

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The band will also hit the road in September 2012 to promote their new album. The complete tour dates and venues are as follows:

Sept. 4 Seattle, Washington
Sept. 5 Vancouver, British Columbia
Sept. 7 San Francisco, California
Sept. 8 Los Angeles, California
Sept. 9 Phoenix, Arizona
Sept. 11 Houston, Texas
Sept. 12 Dallas, Texas
Sept. 13 Lawrence, Kansas
Sept. 14 Denver, Colorado
Sept. 16 Minneapolis, Minnesota
Sept. 17 Chicago, Illinois
Sept. 18 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Sept. 19 Toronto, Ontario
Sept. 20 Montreal, Quebec
Sept. 21 Worcester, Massachusettes
Sept. 22 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Sept. 23 New York, New York
Sept. 24 Baltimore, Maryland