Electroshock Kate Ryan Drops another Dance Pop album

Belgium singer-songwriter Kate Ryan returned in 2012 with her fifth full length album titled "Electroshock". I believe that she is one of the most underrated artists of all time. Well-liked in Europe...she tends to dominate the charts.

For those not familiar with her, she is a Belgian artist. Her music can be labeled "Euro-pop" and she entered into the musical scene in EU with her first full length record "Different" was a huge hit, made gold and sold over a quarter-million copies. Her music typically contains of hits written in French and also in English. She has a charismatic and unique voice which is very pleasurable to listen to on the ballads and faster tracks. She is also a talented songwriter and has self written or co-written most her tracks, which is uncommon in Dance-Pop music.

Kate Ryan will drop her new album "Electroshock" on June 25, 2012 through ARS/Universal records, and will have the following songs:

3."Broken" (feat. Narco)
6."Walk to the Beat"
8."One More Time"
9."Running Away"
11."Leave It Alone"
13."Little Braveheart" (feat. Charlotte Perrelli)
14."Run Away" (feat Avicii)