Gareth Evans' Latest Film The Raid: Redemption on DVD Bluray

Various editions of the Gareth Evans' latest action pack flick The Raid: Redemption have been confirmed for home video formats by Sony Pictures Home Entertainment. DVD will be available for the price of US$ 30.99 (SRP) and the Blu-ray will cost you US$ 35.99 (SRP). All versions will consist of a range of extra material, including, behind-the-scenes featurettes, The Raid TV show ad and Commentary with Writer/Director Gareth Evans.

In the movie, a SWAT team is on a task to defeat an evil crime lord who's taken residence in what comes out to be a crowded apartment. At first, the SWAT team try to sneak into the apartment, but have their cover blown and are enforced to battle their way through. Things get even worse for them once the boss Tama has the apartment locked down so they can't getaway. They must find the way through risky territory as they battle to catch the crime lord.

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