Gossamer: Passion Pit PP Back with another Promising Album

Dance music is frequently demonized as a couple of pre-program PC blasting out noise for mindless-enjoyment. It is hard to disagree with that after scrutinizing just the names appear in playlists across radio stations, but on occasion the hype is worth paying some attention to and in this instance Boston-based Passion Pit cleans-up some of the clouds and adjoins new ones, for a change.

In the past several years or so they develop into one of the most buzzed-about indie groups in the music scene. Began almost as an afterthought and sole project by artist Michael Angelakos, he released a promising EP, and after flushing out the sound some more and bringing some artists, Passion Pit released their anticipated debut album “Manners” in 2009.

Now, Passion Pit is gearing up to release their sophomore record, Gossamer, which features their newly released singles “Take a Walk” and "I'll Be Alright".

Gossamer will hit the stores on July 24, 2012

Track Listing

1. "Take a Walk"

2. "I'll Be Alright"

3. "Carried Away"

4. "Constant Conversations"

5. "Mirrored Sea"

6. "Cry Like a Ghost"

7. "On My Way"

8. "Hideaway"

9. "Two Veils to Hide My Face"

10. "Love Is Greed"

11. "It's Not My Fault I'm Happy"

12. "Where We Belong"

"Take a Walk"

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