John Powell Returns to Score Ice Age 4, Complete OST

Once again John Powell returns to score Ice Age 4: Continental Drift. The original movie was scored by David Newman and it was not having memorable enough music. John Powell brought his novel sound to the series with Ice Age 2 in what was one heck of a soundtrack I still listen to it. In the third installment he came up with some themes that he touches base with in his score. So, we get large numbers of variations on those renowned songs that ooze with his style.

He has two trademarks that distinguish him from other composers; one is the way he strings his songs in a somewhat descending notion and the other is obviously his percussion. Most of you may remember his remarkable "Mini-Sloths Sing-A-Long" from the Ice Age 2 which is a good example of that style. But he goes slightly easy on that with Ice Age 3, but it's there and most love it.

20th Century Fox will release Ice Age 4: Continental Drift film on July 12, 2012, just two days after its soundtrack (OST) release date.

Ice Age 4 Soundtrack List

1. Morning Peaches
2. Schism
3. Storm
4. No Exit Gutt
5. Escape from Captivity
6. New Loves
7. Hydraxes / Prison Talk
8. Diversion
9. Pirating the Pirates
10. Teen Cave
11. Sirens
12. Land Bridge Trap
13. Herd Reunion
14. Scrat’s Fantasia on a Theme by LVB

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