Mark Knopfler Privateering Track Listing

There is no doubt that Mark Knopfler has turned into one of the most important & relevant solo artist as he was during his time with Dire Straits. Every diehard fan of him looks forward to the newest offering from him, talk about a project begins the moment he enters the studio, if not right away after a tour; any visit to one of several forums is all about the latest material, with much assumption over the format; instruments used; personnel; and what way he will direct his music. His skill at crafting a song is legendary.

Once again we have a new album from him; Mark Knopfler is currently working on his next studio album Privateering, which is set for release on September 03, 2012 through Mercury.

Mark Knopfler Privateering complete track listing

CD 1

1."Redbud Tree"
2."Haul Away"
3."Don't Forget Your Hat"
5."Miss You Blues"
6."Corned Beef City"
7."Go, Love"
8."Hot or What"
9."Yon Two Crows"

CD 2

1."Kingdom Of Gold"
2."Got To Have Something"
3."Radio City Serenade"
4."I Used To Could"
5."Gator Blood"
7."Dream Of The Drowned Submariner"
8."Blood And Water"
9."Today Is Okay"
10."After The Bean Stalk"

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