Matchbox Twenty MB20 to drop Shes So Mean Single from North

In the late 90s and early 00s, MB20 dominated American airwaves. All of their records appeared to stretch progressively, constantly spinning off hit songs and setting the bar high for rising pop acts. However, after the release of their 3rd record, "More Than You Think You Are," MB20 decided to take time out and concentrate on their own interests. Lead singer Rob Thomas went on to have a flourishing solo career with hit single like "Ever the Same". Lead guitarist Kyle Cook went on to record an EP. Rhythm guitarist and former drummer Paul Doucette recorded songs for his solo record under the moniker of The Break and Repair Method. Former Rhythm guitarist Adam Gaynor started penning hits for various musical scores.

The band reunited a several years later, dropping quasi-greatest hits record "Exile on Mainstream," a single disc reflection of their status through the nineties, all the way through 2007.

Now, after a decade since their full length studio album “More Than You Think You Are”, Matchbox Twenty returns with a new album North. The album is produced with the help of their longtime producer Matt Serletic. North will contain twelve tracks and Shes So Mean will serve as the lead single from the album, and will release on June 12, 2012. Matchbox Twenty will drop their new album North on September 04, 2012 through Atlantic records.

Listen to Matchbox Twenty's new song Shes So Mean

Track list

2."She's So Mean"
4."Put Your Hands Up"
5."Our Song"
6."I Will"
7."English Town"
8."How Long"
10."The Way"
11."Like Sugar"
12."Sleeping at the Wheel"