No Doubt to drop new album Push and Shove in Sept, Settle Down

No Doubt made great songs and each of their songs has its own character-- they stood out as a singles group, which is only fitting for a group raised on new wave. Unlike the indie groups that established the first two waves of the alternative rock outbreak of the early nineties, they were not inspired by any underground rock movement; No Doubt were sustained by new wave, in all of its trashy, poppy fame. Especially, they were enthused by ska revival bands like Madness, with their mix of lively Jamaican-enthused drumming and they also picked up a range of strands of early MTV pop, whether it was fragments of new wave Blondie, Elvis Costello or Van Halen. It was a joyful music that marked a sea change from the music of the early nineties, when even memorable songs were cloaked in a sense of darkness. So, with the achievement of their 2nd effort in 1996, the band began the 2nd wave of the alternative rock boom of the nineties -- the era when the music destined good times, not angst and disaffection. They were an outcome of new wave, dropping indie records before their big break, and they stayed true to their roots while ingeniously adding elements of modern hits to their music - and, in doing so, became a nineties version of a new wave group that put equal weight on hooks.

After over a decade long hiatus since their last album Rock Steady, No Doubt has announced the titled and the release date of their comeback album recently on their official website. The album, due out on September 25, 2012, is titled ‘Push and Shove’. “Settle Down” will serve as the first single from the album and will release mid of July along with its music video.

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