Stars to drop their new album The North in September 2012

Stars are perhaps one of the most underrated groups of the decade. They have produced such great records as ‘In Our Bedroom After the War’ or 'The Five Ghosts' which have been highly praised by the critics, however, the listeners are quite small these days. If you're new to this band, you should know that the group features dual vocalists, one male and one female Torquil Campbell & Amy Millan. They both sound strong on their records taking splitting the vocal duties down the middle and occasionally even singing in tandem.

The Stars will drop their sixth album studio album The North on September 04, 2012 on ATO records.

Track list

01. The Theory of Relativity

02. Backlines

03. The North

04. Hold on When You Get Love and Let Go When You Give It

05. Through the Mines

06. Do You Want to Die Together?

07. Lights Changing Colour

08. The Loose Ends Will Make Knots

09. A Song Is a Weapon

10. Progress

11. The 400

12. Walls

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