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The Word Alive (TWA) are a metalcore band from Arizona. I first purchased their EP "Empire' and it was deep, crushing breakdowns and melodic. They have delivered on the promise shown from listening to that record and then some. The artistic shown forth from this group on their debut album is great. The vocals, whether clean or yelled, are first-rate, the guitar work is striking, and the rhythm part is exceptionally well. Tyler, Zack and Tony compliment each other very well and produce a lot of emotion in there tracks. The fervor is very evident, and makes it hard for anyone to not start jumping around and dancing. They have a great amount of potential and are truly stepping up the genre.

Nearly two years since their debut album, The Word Alive returns with their sophomore album “Life Cycles” produced by Joey Sturgis. The new album is set for release on July 03, 2012.

Standard Edition track list:

1. "Dragon Spell" (track length 4:09)

2. "Wishmaster" (3:47)

3. "Entirety" (4:07)

4. "For Your Health" (3:34)

5. "Bar Fight" (3:41)

6. "Life Cycles" (4:21)

7. "Evolution" (4:25)

8. "Hidden Lakes" (3:30)

9. "Ambitionary" (3:09)

10. "Live a Lie" (4:14)

11. "Belong" (4:07)

12. "Room 126" (3:55)

13. "Astral Plane" (3:13)

Amazon bonus tracks

14. "The Conscience"

iTunes bonus tracks

14. "Smoke Monster"

The Word Alive "Entirety" with lyrics

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