Aimee Mann is back with Charmer

Aimee Mann is an artist first. She's got a great, voice, is a versatile musician, and is one of the most excellent songwriters of this decade. But as a singer-songwriter, she seems driven to make new art; it's never the same old. This stuns some of her fans, because when they are expecting a new material 'just like the previous one that they liked', she comes out with something different.

Now, after four years since her last studio album “@#%&*! Smilers”, Aimee Mann is back with her eight studio album Charmer produced by Paul Bryan, set for release on September 18, 2012 through SuperEgo records. It will feature guest appearance by Shins frontman and James Mercer. Charmer will have the following tracks:

5."Soon Enough" (Tim Heidecker, Mann)
6."Living a Lie" (Bryan, Mann)
7."Slip and Roll"
9."Gamma Ray"
11."Red Flag Diver"

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