Ghostbusters 3 (GB3) Movie in the works

It's been almost three-decade since the release of the original film and twenty plus years since the follow-up film, now Sony Pictures Entertainment is gearing up to bring the third installment in the Ghostbusters (GB) movie series to the silver screen. Etan Cohen who penned the MIB3 has been hired to write the script for the third installment. Variety reports that Bill Murray will likely return to reprise his role as Dr. Peter Venkman.
There's no word yet on the film release date.

I was just a little kid when the original movie came out in the theater. Not much can top that film, at least for me. When that film was released in early 80s must have hit some kind of spirit with the public who were looking for a good laugh because it raked in a domestic gross exceeding $200 million an unheard of sum for a film then. That movie itself, and has done so for nearly thirty years, and still holds up. The chemistry of the Ghostbusters and the natural performance based hilarity put together against silly Lovecraftian mythology and the mystical is great and quite inspired. Billy Murray and Sigourney Weavers' romance and onscreen chemistry is wonderful and glues the movie jointly with some heart and human drama. I really believed these two as a couple and a budding romance. That film will live on forever.

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