Gloriana drops new album A Thousand Miles Left Behind

I like Country music. I grew up listening to country, and I like classic Country, while appreciating and liking a great deal of modern-day Country as well. I must admit when I first heard Gloriana's "Wanna Take You Home", first single from their sophomore album “A Thousand Miles Left Behind”, on the radio at work, it captured me. It is pure feel good, toe-tapping single, which gets you swing in your seat and clapping to the Rhythm of the track. It took me a moment to figure out who the group was.

Gloriana will drop A Thousand Miles Left Behind on July 31, 2012 through Emblem/Reprise/Warner Bros. The album contains the following songs:

1. "Gold Rush" (track length 4:16)

2. "Sunset Lovin'" (3:17)

3. "Wanna Take You Home" (3:45)

4. "(Kissed You) Good Night" (3:52)

5. "Carolina Rose" (3:50)

6. "Go On…Miss Me" (3:43)

7. "Can't Shake You" (4:27)

8. "Soldier Song" (4:02)

9. "Turn My World Around" (3:42)

10. "Doing It Our Way" (3:44)

11. "Where My Heart Belongs" (4:09)

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