Jack Finney’s Time and Again gets the Movie Treatment

Generally, I'm against movie adaptations of my favorite novels because I feel violated when they don't live up to my expectations. Still, when I read Jack Finney’s novel Time and Again at first, I dream of a film as it lends itself so fittingly to a wonderful cinematic interpretation of old NY City.

According to the Variety, Lionsgate has acquired the film rights to bring Jack Finney’s novel TIME AND AGAIN to the silver screen. Doug Liman who directed and produced “The Bourne Identity” is onboard to direct and produce the adaptation.

The story follows Simon Morely, a marketing illustrator who is hired to join in a secret mission that engages time-travel. Morely winds up journeying to NY of 1882 on a task that turns out to be exciting and dangerous. The novel did a terrific job of portraying the late 1800s in NY and how a modern day man would interpret what he saw. Although the novel has a sci-fi view, the real story is much more about the culture of that era.

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