Max Payne 3 MP3 Video Game review

When the original Max Payne (MP) hit PC gamers in early 20s, it was normally believed a success. Bullet Time in video games was a new idea and surprisingly over-the-top "film noir" style kept gamers shooting away, regardless of criticism that, really, you were just doing the same thing repeatedly. To many fans, however, it was a game that was far more than the sum of it's parts. Many gamers fell in love with the gritty, ridiculously heavy style of the game. Those that did not really "get it" criticized about its steady use of insanely overwrought images, ubiquitous gloom, and outlandish storyline, but those who were able to see it as the campy homage that it was had a blast. It was 2003 when they released the second installment of the game, which had me go through its campaign at least a dozen times. Bullet time was my pick, and going through some of the game’s darkest dreams was all the time a puzzle on its own...

Now after almost nine years MP3 is here. In this game Max has left the US in an effort to escape from his personal problems. He's now working as bodyguard for a well-off family. This new background is a lot different than the other two games in the series, it's not as gloomy and ominous as NY but I liked it. Everything that gamers have familiarized and loved about the previous two games is back. The gameplay is great! Bullet time is still king. Slow motion effects are made extremely well as there are few moments Max is either jumping or swinging and time delays letting you to peg bad guys in the head.

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The graphics are stunning and everything looks outstanding. It's fierce and really, you have never seen people get killed in a game the way that they do here. The music is amazing! From the first moment the piano started playing the typical game theme I knew I was back in well-known field. But when Max is progressing from fight to fight, the music picks up with some fast-paced music which gets the adrenalin pumping in an exceptional way.

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However MP3 is not for everyone. It is extremely aggressive. Bullet holes rationally tear people apart and there are some scenes in the game that in fact made me a bit uncomfortable. So if you are a parent considering about this game for your kid - you may wish to pass on this one.

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