Rome: Total War II (RTW2) in the Works set for 2013 release

I have been following this video game series since I started playing Medieval Total War (MTW), and the previous installment of the series – Rome: Total War is a great sequel. I bought it for my brother, and he can not stop playing. It appeals to followers of the Civilizations series, as well as followers of Age of Empire's real-time combat sequences. Like Medieval, it's in fact two games in one, but with large enhancements over its predecessor. What's immense is that if I am not in the mood to fight long battles, the selection exists to auto calculate them - but you won't get to control the armed forces the way you want. When I first began playing it, there was a sharp learning curve to understand how to win real-time combats against bigger forces. Some of what I learned in the earlier game I've been able to transform over to Rome, so I can visualize any person trying the game the first several times might have some trouble getting the hang of the battle sequences.

If you are an expert of this game series, then you should already have a great idea of what Rome: Total War II (RTW2) will be like. The game is currently in development under The Creative Assembly for the PC. It will be released somewhere in 2013.

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