Snoop Dogg dropped La La La, first single from Reincarnated

Snoop Lion better known as Snoop Dogg is arguably one of the most underestimated artists by his fans. Throughout his two-decade career, he has been firm with wanting to do things his way- although the outcomes were misguided, on occasion. Outside of his first album "Doggystyle", he has put out some great albums, but he is unseen in that regard. Sure he produced several stinkers such as Da Game Is To Be Sold and Not To Be Told, but they pale in comparison to his great work. Within the last couple of years, he's generated some of his finest materials. Sadly, listeners have paid more attention to his image more than his music to notice.

Snoop has dropped La La La, first single from his new album “Reincarnated”. He will release it on April 23, 2013 via Vice label, Snoop has also changed his name to Snoop Lion for his upcoming album “Reincarnated”.

Reincarnated tracks:

1. "Rebel Way"    
2. "Here Comes the King" (featuring Angela Hunte)
3. "Lighters Up" (featuring Mavado and Popcaan)
4. "So Long" (featuring Angela Hunte)  
5. "Get Away" (featuring Angela Hunte)  
6. "No Guns Allowed" (featuring Drake and Cori B)
7. "Fruit Juice" (featuring Mr. Vegas)  
8. "Smoke the Weed" (featuring Collie Buddz)  
9. "Tired of Running" (featuring Akon)  
10. "The Good Good" (featuring Iza)  
11. "Torn Apart" (featuring Rita Ora)  
12. "Ashtrays & Heartbreaks" (featuring Miley Cyrus)
13. "Boulevard" (featuring Jahdan Blakkamoore)  
14. "Remedy" (featuring Busta Rhymes and Chris Brown)  
15. "La La La"   Major Lazer
16. "Harder Times" (featuring Jahdan Blakkamoore)

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