The Bourne Legacy (4) full OST, JNH

James Newton Howard (JNH) is one of the greatest composers working in the industry today. Although I haven’t listened to his soundtracks since The Dark Knight which I consider one of his best scores. I have to admit that even he composed some great music, The Last Airbender, Salt or Lady In The Water, the drop of The Green Latern JNH gotten many negative reviews owing to the fact that the film did not live up to its hype while It's soundtrack to me lacked any memorable themes but thanks to Danny Elfman quitting the Hunger Games JNH takes over and then it turns out to be an instant classic. Also he composed the music for The Bourne Legacy, the next installment of the critically acclaimed The Bourne film series. I place this movie franchise at the top of the action genre. They have a great back-story, the plot moves nicely and the performing and direction tend to be dead right. The thing that has kept these movies at edge is their believability.

The Bourne Legacy soundtrack (OST) is set to hit store shelves on August 07, 2012, three days prior to the film’s release date.

Complete track list

1. Legacy

2. Drone


4. You Fell In Love

5. Program Shutdown

6. Over The Mountain

7. High Powered Rifle

8. They’re All Dead

9. Manila Lab

10. Wolves / Sick Ric

11. Doctor Of What?

12. Aaron In Chicago

13. Wolf Attack

14. Chem Talk

15. Flight 167

16. Aaron Run!

17. You Belong Here

18. Cognitive Degrade

19. 17 Hour Head Start

20. Viralled Out

21. You’re Doing Fine

22. Simon Ross

23. LARX Tarmac

24. Magsaysay Suite

25. Aftermath

26. Extreme Ways (Bourne’s Legacy) – Moby

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