Beanie Sigel drops This Time, His Sixth Record - Review

Almost three years since his last record, the Broad Street Bully is back with his sixth solo record, This Time, and once again he does not let down. He drops his typical raw street lyrics and deep dark tales that he does so well. Most of the tracks here are slower deeper ones but he delivers very well. Out of the eleven tracks, I'd say three are ok; the other eight are good, with a few being real good and guests are on almost every tracks, featuring artists such as Young Chris, Akon, Corey Latif, Williams and Junior Reid. Production is excellent and the majority of tracks have a slower more tranquil and deep beat to them.

“This Time” released on Ruffhouse Records

Track List:

1. "Intro"
2. "This Time" (featuring Oliver Laing)
3. "That's All I Know" (featuring Akon)
4. "Expensive Taste" (featuring Corey Latif Williams)
5. "Kush Dreaming"
6. "Bang Bang Youth" (featuring Junior Reid)
7. "Bad Boy Mack"
8. "No Hook"
9. "The Reunion" (featuring State Property)
10. "Sigel is What They Call Me" (featuring Sean Anthony Francis)
11. "Dangerous" (featuring Young Chris & Game)

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