DMX revealed Song List for long delayed album Undisputed

After a six-year hiatus DMX returns with "Undisputed". At forty one years old, Yonker's DMX is a well-known veteran in the Rap game will release his seventh solo record on September 11, 2012 through United Music Media Group, Fontana. The album release date has been delayed numerous times, and he recently revealed the final release date, along with the following track list:

1. "Look Without Seein'" (Intro)
2. "I Don’t Dance" (featuring MGK)
3. "Slippin Away"
4. "I'm Back"
5. "Keep Your Head Up"
6. "Time To Get Paid" (featuring Notorious B.I.G.)
7. "I Got Your Back"
8. "Frankenstein"
9. "No Love"
10. "Cold World"
11. "I Get Scared"
12. "Have You Eva"
13. "Fire"
14. "Su*ker For Love"
15. "Who's F**kin' You"

There is only one word to depict DMX; raw. As a Hip-Pop singer, actor or the man Earl Simmons, the fanatical delivery felt in all his music, he apparently unstable, God fearing, previous stick-up kid, father and husband, representing for the streets should be the center of Hip-Hop--its roots.

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