Dr. Kawashima’s New Brain Age Game comes to Nintendo 3DS

A brand new “Brain Age” (BA) game will be heading to the Nintendo 3DS this festival season. “Brain Age: Concentration Training” is set for release on December 3 in NA.

The original Brain Age game was quite the success on the Nintendo DS. At the time of its release it was something quite fresh and distinctive. It was followed up subsequently with Big Brain Academy and Brain Age 2. They are developed based on scientific study carried out by Dr. Kawashima. They are thought provoking, as they force you to think of various ways while working out the math and number puzzles, reading a fictional work loudly and drawing are some activities that it offers. You cannot close the eyes to the aging mind; it requires to be fed with significant activity to perform at optimal levels.

Fans of brain training games will have plenty to look forward to with this game as it is focuses on Intellectual skill and has new tasks to test your brain.

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