Ellie Goulding to drop sophomore album Halcyon in October

The history of contemporary pop music is packed with both exceptionally gifted artists who just weren't capable of playing the game, and average musicians able to achieve mainstream success because of being marketed the right way. A balance between upholding a unique artistic vision and also being able to appeal to a wide mainstream listeners is not easy to achieve, and more hard to sustain over the years.

This blend of legitimacy and commerce seems to occur much more flawlessly in UK, where brilliant musicians like Adele and Lily Allen have managed to become genuine pop stars without having to sacrifice their personality.

Recently, I discovered Ellie Goulding after hearing her new song “Anything Could Happen”, lead single, from her upcoming album Halcyon. She represents an amazing blend of styles. She's like Bjork and Radio Head. She's a lover of folk music who doesn't mind blending electronica in.

Ellie will drop her sophomore album “Halcyon” on October 08, 2012 through Polydor. The album will include the following songs:

"Hanging On" (featuring Tinie Tempah)

"Anything Could Happen"

"Only You"


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