Jordan Kerner to bring NBC's Hit TV Show ALF to the Silver Screen

Jordan Kerner, the producer of the Smurfs movie is teamed up with Tom Patchett and Paul Fusco to bring NBC's hit TV show ALF to the Silver Screen for Sony Pictures Animation. Paul who voiced the ALF on the TV series will reprise the role for the film.

The TV show was an instant hit upon its debut in the United State during the mid 80s and has since gained cult status across the world. It follows the story of a fuzzy alien (ALF) whose spaceship crashed into the garage of Tanner’s house and becomes their house guest. The excitement begins when it gets involved in the lives of the Tanner family particularly Willie and Kate. The creature is the core of attraction with his sensible jokes and intrusive nature and of course hiding from snooping neighbors, the Ochmoneks.

No screenwriter or director is attached to the project yet.

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