Kanye West's next album Cruel Summer- Mercy, New God Flow

Kanye recently revealed the details of his upcoming album titled “Cruel Summer” and the release date set for September 04, 2012. No word yet on the track list.

He has been a musician both in the booth and outside of it. His temperament and arrogance is part of his "package" and image. The whole thing he does is a deliberate action that he plans to either draw on by publicizing himself or by adding to his bravado appearance he has shaped. This rubs some the incorrect way, but still, those listeners who can't stand the man can not help themselves but be immersed by his music. He is a good performer in that way.

Kanye West's records of the past have been diverse in their making to the point that each one does not appear to be produced by the same person. He has changed his musical direction between each record. Yet, with his latest releases, "Mercy" and "New God Flow" featuring Pusha T, 2 Chainz and Big Sean, new songs from his upcoming album Cruel Summer, he seems to take influences from each of his past materials and produce a mixture of what and who is Kanye West.

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