Resident Evil: Retribution (RE5) Movie - OST by Tomandandy

Tomandandy are no new to scoring movies, some of their excellent work is The Rules of Attraction, Resident Evil 4 and Arlington road just to name some, they have also worked with U2 on their Television show. So RE 5 is just the newest one in a long line of movie.

The film is Written and Directed by Paul W. S. Anderson, who had done the series and has directed many successful films, Resident Evil: Retribution is the fifth installment in the series of sci-fi movies, based on Capcom's video games of the same name. Milla Jovovich is back once again to reprise her role as Alice.

The Soundtrack CD will hit the store shelves on September 11, 2012, three days ahead of the film’s release date.

Complete soundtrack list:

1. Hexes – Bassnectar (feat. Chino Moreno)
2. Flying through the Air
3. First Blood
4. Tokyo Revisited
5. Corridor
6. Planting
7. Axemen
8. Fall Back
9. Imprinted
10. Suburbia
11. Phantom Chase
12. End of the World
13. Drive Away
14. Ice Pack
15. Zombies Under Ice
16. It’s Help
17. Flying to the Air (T-Mass Remix)
18. Origin (Bonus Track)
19. The End (Bonus Track)

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