Three Days Grace (3DG) back with Transit of Venus, tracklist

Three Days Grace (3DG) is an alt-metal group that has managed to captivate a wide audience for almost a decade now. From more metal buffs to listeners just getting into the rock field, their style of music is pleasant enough to the ears that almost any person can get into their music. With each passing record, the group has tended to lean more in the direction of a softer, more alternative sound than their previous albums.

As the band has full-grown, so as their sound, their recently released single "Chalk Outline", from their upcoming album Transit of Venus, holds a much softer side to their early releases, while still managing to produce some great hard rock sound.

The band will drop their new album Transit of Venus on October 2, 2012 through RCA records.

Track List:

1. "Sign of the Times"
2. "Chalk Outline"
3. "The High Road"
4. "Operate"
5. "Anonymous"
6. "Misery Loves My Company"
7. "Give in to Me"
8. "Happiness"
9. "Give Me a Reason"
10. "Time That Remains"
11. "Expectations"
12. "Broken Glass"
13. "Unbreakable Heart"

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