Tom Cruise’s Rock of Ages (RoA) Heading to DVD Bluray - Review

Musicals on the big screen have been around for quite sometime now and have made moments that the audience will remember for a long time. Regardless of that being the case, this genre has taken a hit in recognition over the past couple of years. There really have not been as many of these kinds of movies being dropped and the ones that are released there are not worth keeping in mind. With the release of Rock of Ages (RoA), I think the makers of RoA might be trying to change that.

The story follows the young small town girl Sherrie Christian (played by Julianne Hough) who moves to LA in the height of the metal scene in the late 80s. While on her way to fame, she meets a range of people who also happen to be melodically inclined. Some of them have aspirations akin to hers, some have failed & others have already attained rock star status. In spite of what her future holds, she goes on a journey that may bring her fame and wealth, but it may also introduce her to stuff like friendship and love.

As you would imagine, RoA has a lots of music that's spread all over the film. Any person who lived in the eighties can recognize some of the songs being performed here. Seeing as it's a musical, the songs that's heard by the viewers is very vital. I'd say it serves its purpose largely and is well done more often than it isn't.

Warner Home Video will release RoA to DVD, Blu-ray and digital download on October 9, 2012. The following extras will be included in both versions formats:

DVD and Blu-ray:

UltraViolet copy

The Connection to The Music - Welcome to the 80's

Any Way You Want It

Visit Florida

Blu-ray Exclusives:

Extended Cut of the film

Rock of Ages: Legends of the Sunset Strip

The Stories We Sing

The 80's Look - Defining A Decade

It's All About The Moves - Defining A Decade

Stripping Miami - Defining A Decade

The Tease - Defining A Decade

If You Build It, They Will Rock It - Defining A Decade

So It Started In A Bar - Defining A Decade

Selected Songs

DVD copy

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