Bruce Willis may Star CBS Films American Assassin

Bruce Willis is currently in negotiation to star as a CIA agent in CBS TV show American Assassin, based on the book by Vince Flynn. Jeffrey Nachmanoff will direct the film based on the script by Mike Finch and Lorenzo di Bonaventura is onboard to produce it. The filming is expected to begin next fall.

The story is set in the late 80s. The CIA wants to form a group who will work separately from the CIA and who can carry out assassinations of US rivals. They hire several likely prospects. Many of them are ex-military, but one (Mitch Rapp) is a 20 plus years of age old college student and star athlete, who has his own motivations for selecting this career. The course is difficult and all but 2 of the candidates not succeed. Over the next year, Mitch and one more person are educated the tricks of the job: how to approach a safe house, how to communicate with your head, how to respond when you are being fired upon, how to murder professionally. Only when his course is done, he is sent out on his first mission: to execute a Turkish weapons dealer.

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