List of Trophies in Okami HD PS3

Back in 2006, Capcom and Clover released a game for the PlayStation 2 (later on Nintendo Wii) that ended up being one of the most creative video game that ever graced the system. That game was Okami.

Now, the creators of Okami will bring the HD version of the game exclusively to PS 3 on October 30, 2012. It will support PS Move and will contain the following Trophies.

Bronze Yomigami Learn how to use Rejuvenation.

Bronze Tachigami Learn how to use Power Slash.

Bronze Hidden Hidden

Bronze Hidden Hidden

Bronze Sakigami Learn how to use Bloom.

Bronze Enemy in the Gates Defeat enemies inside of a Devil Gate.

Bronze Bakugami Learn how to use Cherry Bomb.

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Bronze Hasugami Learn how to use Water Lily.

Bronze Hidden Hidden

Bronze Tsutagami Learn how to use Vine.

Bronze Hidden Hidden

Bronze Hidden Hidden

Bronze Nuregami Learn how to use Watersprout.

Bronze Yumigami Learn how to use Crescent.

Bronze Kazegami Learn how to use Galestorm.

Bronze Hidden Hidden

Bronze Moegami Learn how to use Inferno.

Bronze To the Moon, Ammy! Enter the Moon Cave.

Silver Hidden Hidden

Bronze No Furball on the Menu Make your way to shore without being swallowed by the Water Dragon.

Bronze Kasugami Learn how to use Veil of Mist.

Bronze Hidden Hidden

Bronze Hidden Hidden

Bronze Kabegami Learn how to use Catwalk.

Bronze Hidden Hidden

Bronze Hidden Hidden

Bronze Gekigami Learn how to use Thunderstorm.

Silver Hidden Hidden

Bronze Hidden Hidden

Bronze Itegami Learn how to use Blizzard.

Bronze Hidden Hidden

Bronze Hidden Hidden

Silver Hidden Hidden

Bronze Grab Life by the Leash Increase your Solar Energy, Ink Pot, and Astral Pouch levels to
maximum capacity.

Bronze No More Fish in the Sea Complete your Fish Tome.

Bronze Have Guides Will Travel Complete your Travel Guide.

Bronze Give a Dog All the Bones Complete your Treasure Tome.

Silver Sniff ‘Em Out Defeat all monsters on the Wanted List.

Gold Leave No Chest Unopened Collect all Stray Beads.

Bronze All Creatures Great and Small Complete your Animal Tome.

Bronze Teach an Old Dog New Tricks Learn all god techniques to fill up your Technique Scroll.

Bronze From Imps to Demons Complete your Bestiary.

Gold Barking Up the Cherry Tree Earn a Cherry Tree rank for each item in the Total Results screen.

Bronze Lupine and Divine Earn a Cherry Tree rank for each item in the Results screen.

Silver Out of the Gate Swinging Defeat all enemies at all three Devil Gate trial caves.

Gold Who Let the Dogs Out? Defeat the Kusa 5.

Bronze Dog Eat Dog Beat Hayabusa’s turnip-digging record.

Bronze Diggin’ It Complete five digging mini games.

Bronze Eat My Flower Trail Win the race against Ida and Hayate.

Bronze Dog Gone Fast Win the race against Kai.

Platinum Top Dog Acquire all trophies