Miguel to release sophomore album Kaleidoscope Dream in Oct

In a period where the music business stresses dance ability over singing ability and caters to artists over those with genuine vocal ability, it's uplifting to find a singer like Miguel in the midst of all the tasteless and unmemorable music. I first heard him several years ago when I hit upon his songs "Let's Just Be" written by Ne-Yo. I was amazed by his vocals and soulful tone. I again heard from him when he dropped the single "All I Want is You" produced by prominent Nas and Amy Whinehouse producer Salaam Remi. A wonderful number to introduce the uninitiated to Miguel.

He is gearing up to release his sophomore album Kaleidoscope Dream in October through his new label Bystorm, RCA. "Adorn" will serve as the first single from the album. Kaleidoscope Dream will contain the following tracks:

1. "Adorn"
2. "Don’t Look Back"
3. "Use Me"
4. "Do You…"
5. "Kaleidoscope Dream"
6. "The Thrill"
7. "How Many Drinks?"
8. "Where’s the Fun in Forever?"
9. "Arch & Point"
10. "Pussy Is Mine"
11. "Candles in the Sun" (featuring Alicia Keys)

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