Robbie Williams to drop New Album Take the Crown in November

Williams' music brings something exceptional whenever he drops a new song or album. His lyrics are always memorable, yet they do disclose much about the man. From Lazy Days to the aggressive poem, he has it all covered. He touches on the veracity of life, but in some way manages to allow a peace of realistic Utopia to come out from his singles. I believe that Robbie is ahead of his time, explaining why his remarkable talent has not been noticed, by the greater part of the contemporary listeners that stand before him today.

Robbie will drop his ninth studio album TAKE THE CROWN on November 02, 2012 through Universal Records. The album is produced by Robbie Williams with the help of Jacknife Lee and Gary Barlow. “Candy” will serve as the lead single from the album. Take the Crown will be available in both standard and deluxe editions.

Track list

Standard edition
1. "Be a Boy"        
2. "Gospel"        
3. "Candy"  
4. "Different"        
5. "Shit on the Radio"        
6. "All That I Want"        
7. "Hunting for You"        
8. "Into the Silence"        
9. "Hey Wow Yeah Yeah"        
10. "Not Like the Others"        
11. "Losers" (featuring Lissie)

Deluxe editions

12. "Reverse"        
13. "Eight Letters" (Demo Version)

Robbie Williams, New, Album, Take the Crown, standard edition

Robbie Williams, New, Album, Take the Crown, standard edition