Soundgarden back with King Animal, songlist

Soundgarden is one of the best groups of the 90s and will always have a huge place in the rock industry. It was terrible news when they decided to break-up in 1997, but some may have known it was coming. They may have never been the largest selling group in the United States like their grunge counterparts but they attained a sense of integrity and sincerity that never wavered even in the most mainstream of circumstances. Their split went somewhat unseen in the dying notion of grunge in the late 90s and by the looks of their last record DOWN ON THE UPSIDE; Soundgarden had gone somewhat past their prime. Yet, their reunion was a nice surprise.

The band is currently working on their upcoming album King Animal, which is set for release on November 13, 2012 on Seven Four Entertainment/Republic, and “Been Away Too Long” will serve as the first single from their new album. King Animal contains thirteen songs as listed below: 

1. "Been Away Too Long"    
2. "Non-State Actor"    
3. "By Crooked Steps"    
4. "A Thousand Days Before"    
5. "Blood on the Valley Floor"    
6. "Bones of Birds"    
7. "Taree"    
8. "Attrition"    
9. "Black Saturday"    
10. "Halfway There"    
11. "Worse Dreams"    
12. "Eyelid's Mouth"    
13. "Rowing"

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