The Deftones to drop new album Koi No Yokan in November

The Deftones have long been recognized as one of the more innovative and appreciated bands in the contemporary music scene with there exclusive style of alt metal and art rock. While they have released six records plus a compilation of rarities and b-sides in their over a decade of existence, all of which seem to continue each other in growth and maturity. So apparently, there is much to be expected of them to live up too, not to mention it has also been two years since their last studio album Diamond Eyes.

The Deftones is currently working on their seventh studio album “Koi No Yokan”, set for release November 13, 2012 on Reprise Records. Koi No Yokan will contain the following tracks:

1. "Poltergeist"    
2. "Romantic Dreams"    
3. "Leathers"   
4. "Swerve City"    
5. "Entombed"    
6. "Graphic Nature"    
7. "Tempest"    
8. "Gauze"    
9. "Rosemary"    
10. "Goon Squad"    
11. "What Happened To You?"

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