TMG - Transcendental Youth Songlist

Another year, another “the Mountain Goats” (TMG) record. The constantly metamorphosing folk project of singer/songwriter John Darnielle, Transcendental Youth is their 14th album in 20 years, a remarkable number for any group, and much less one man. TMG’s new album is set for release on October 02, 2012. The album will contain the following songs:

2.Lakeside View Apartments Suite
3.Cry for Judas
4.Harlem Roulette
5.White Cedar
6.Until I Am Whole
7.Night Light
8.The Diaz Brothers
9.Counterfeit Florida Plates
10.In Memory of Satan
11.Spent Gladiator II
12.Transcendental Youth

John is one of the most excellent lyricists I can name who have been around in the last two decades. His songs reflect on every day life. For years, he recorded, generally by himself, under the name TMG, just voice and guitar onto a cheap boombox, so the tape hiss acted as a third instrument. For his recent records, he neglected this practice for a studio, and introduced a few additional artists to flesh out his sound.

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