Crazy Taxi Heading to iOS Platform, iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

SEGA will bring their classic racing video game Crazy Taxi to iOS devices: iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch sometime later this month. It's no secret that this game was a success on Dreamcast when it was originally released back in 1999. It sold many units, was well received as a great time killer, and contained a great soundtrack!

It is mainly a driving game in which you play as one of 4 selectable taxi drivers attempting to collect the most cash in fares as possible. You pick up customers and dropping them off at their destination. Bonus cash is given for driving a customer to their destination quickly. Fare cash is lost if you don't reach at the customer's destination in the allotted time.

The thing that makes Crazy Taxi great for people who have short attention spans is that anybody can jump in and start playing immediately. Some people don't want to waste hours on a game and this game delivers a lot of fun right away.

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Crazy Taxi Gameplay Video