Hinder’s Welcome to the Freakshow tracklist

Although simple, one could oppose that rock star attitude is difficult to be induced naturally in a band's music, with groups moving towards that direction often sounding forced and maybe unimpressive. Well, "Hinder" have manage to sound as natural as possible. While they take a beating from music critics, there's no denying band's ability to create radio friendly rock music that satisfy the masses. The band in someway does break the mold. They have the style like Nickelback but also have their own style in their music.

The band is gearing up to drop their new album, Welcome to the Freakshow, which hit store shelves on December 04, 2012 through Republic Records. The production is handled by Kevin Churko and Cody Hanson. Save Me will serve as the first single from the album.

Welcome to the Freakshow will have the follwong track list:

1. "Save Me"
2. "Ladies Come First"  
3. "Shoulda Known Better"  
4. "Freakshow"  
5. "Talk to Me"  
6. "Get Me Away From You"  
7. "Is It Just Me"  
8. "I Don’t Wanna Believe"  
9. "See You In Hell"  
10. "Anyone But You"  
11. "Wanna Be Rich"

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