Kesha back with another Dance - Party Hits Album Warrior

If you're a music pessimist who thinks the music industry is going to pot as a result of auto-tune and the lack of "real" artists who are doing well these days, then Kesha is not your cup of tea. She will drop her sophomore album “Warrior” on November 30, 2012 on RCA Records. The album will feature guest appearances by Iggy Pop and “Die Young” was released as the first single from the album. Those who like party pop and dance hits will go wild for her new single. The lyrics aren't the most refined, but they are fun. If you like music that will get you dancing tryout Kesha.

Warrior track list

Standard Edition tracks

1. "Warrior"      
2. "Die Young"
3. "C'mon"      
4. "Thinking of You"      
5. "Crazy Kids"    
6. "Wherever You Are"      
7. "Dirty Love" (featuring Iggy Pop)  
8. "Wonderland"      
9. "Only Wanna Dance with You"    
10. "Supernatural"  
11. "All That Matters (The Beautiful Life)"  
12. "Love into the Light"

Deluxe edition tracks

13. "Last Goodbye"    
14. "Gold Trans Am"    
15. "Out Alive"      
16. "Past Lives"

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