Lana Del Rey Paradise Contains new song over 40 minutes of Music

Lana Del Rey is a refreshing new entrance on the music scene. She has gained a pretty enthusiastic fan base over the last couple of years following a series of popular Youtube music videos from her EPs, and her Debut album “Born to Die”. She has also come to the notice of many people following an SNL show that gained much negative attention. Most people say Lana Del Rey that she sounds like Adele, and however true that may be, she deserves to be in the music industry all by herself because of her distinctive style. "Video Games" from first album, is one of the most original numbers I've heard recently. It demands your interest from start to finish.

It's been less than a year since her last album, Lana Del Rey is back with a new EP contains brand new songs over 40 minutes of Music. The production is handled by Justin Parker, Rick Nowels and Rick Rubin. Paradise will be available to purchase on November 12, 2012 in digital download format, CD and vinyl.

Track List:

1. "Ride"
2. "American"  
3. "Cola (Pussy)[27]"
4. "Body Electric"
5. "Blue Velvet"  
6. "Gods & Monsters"  
7. "Yayo"   Del Rey
8. "Bel Air"

iTunes Bonus track

9. "Burning Desire"    

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