New Borderlands Game Coming to Mobile Devices iPhone, iPad

2K and Gearbox have some news for gamers who've been waiting to get their hands on a remade and modernized version of the original Borderlands for their iOS devices (iPhone and iPad). The new game “Borderlands Legends” is slated for release on October 31, 2012 for $6.99 on iPad and $4.99 on iPhone, and the fans of the original game are already speculating if this release can live up to the console versions.

The original version of the game is a great way to kill time. In it, you play as one of four different characters: Brick, Mordecai, Lilith or Roland. They all have their strength and weaknesses as you look for a treasure. It plays like a first person shooter game, but has components of an RPG as you advance in the game. One of the main aspects to the game is to reclaim as much loot as possible. They consist of currency, weapons and perks.

Borderlands Legends will feature boss battles and unrestricted leveling up, with opponents scaling to equal your position. Mission goals are randomized, and, as in the console versions, gamers will be able to acquire firearms from Marcus and will have the choice to get a Second Wind in Fight for Your Life mode when they’re destroyed.

Borderlands Legends, iPhone, iPad, Game, Logo, Image

Borderlands Legends, iPhone, iPad, Game, Image, screen