Pink’s New album is full of Love and Relationships songs

Pink is back with her new record in four years, 'The Truth About Love', dropped on September 18, 2012 via RCA Records. I believe this release without doubt shows off her maturity as a musician and her vocals are absolutely on spot. I have to say that I felt 'The Truth About Love' is certainly different from her previous efforts. It is more unique and more consistent, led by the memorable, edgy pop songs. It's not overly produced and, to me, sounds quite stripped down. However, it still works and stands out as one of this year's top releases.

The lyrics truly stand out. Many of the tracks cover topics from love and relationships. Almost all the songs on this record definitely seem and feel more authentic. The sound or vibe of this release is more pop-oriented than her previous records. "Blow Me (One Last Kiss)" stands out because it’s the most pop-oriented track on the album. My personal favorite is the mellow "True Love" that's merely the most excellent lyrically, vocally and production wise with how simple yet touching it is. "Beam Me Up" is another great track that has her squarely front and center; and the guitar playing boosts this all the more.

The greater part of this drop from the singer is that the tracks are pretty relatable; these clearly weren't tracks just given to her and she's not singing about meaningless things that she doesn't believe or have a connection to.

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