Roc Marciano’s next album “Reloaded” coming out in Nov.

I have been an enthusiast of Hip Hop since its beginning. It's really hard to find contemporary MC's that stay true to the formula. Roc Marciano is one of the MC's from Hempstead, Long Island (NY) who still values the art-form more than he does sound scans. In a time where album sales make you the dopest, Marciano shows on his debut album that you don't require trendy gimmicks to make a name for yourself. He is not new to the rap game. He is the former member of the Busta Rhymes' crew, UN and he also Pete Rock. Much of his songs have your usual concepts...streets, drugs, etc...

Marciano is currently gearing up for the release of his next album, Reloaded, set to release on November 13, 2012 through Decon. The album is produced by Roc Marciano with some support from The Alchemist, Ray West, Q-Tip and The Arch Druids. Reloaded will feature guest appearances by Roc Marciano.

Reloaded will have the following songlist:

1. Tek to a Mack
2. Flash Gordon
3. Not Told (feat. Knowledge Pirate & KA)
4. Pistoller
5. Thugs Prayer Pt. II
6. 76
7. We Ill
8. Deeper
9. Death Parade
10. 20 Guns
11. Peru
12. Thread Count
13. Nine Spray (feat. KA)
14. Emeralds
15. The Man

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