Alicia keys Girl on Fire available on CD / Digital Download

Even a decade after her first album, 'Songs in A minor', Alicia Keys stays one of the most astounding singers recording today. Each record is highly anticipated by critic and fans alike. In her first album, she was innovative because while most other female artists set their music to a standard R&B framework, Alicia melded blues, jazz and swing to generate a totally personal and distinctive sound. But what is mostly notable about her is she continues to experiment, changing her sound and style with each following release. Her second album saw her add in more electronica and funk while her third and fourth records soulful and grainy vocal work set against a more rock-influenced soundscape. New Day from her upcoming album “Girl on Fire”, Alicia shows she is a singer of continual evolution.

Alicia’s new album Girl on Fire will be available as a standard single disc and digital download on November 27, 2012 through RCA.

Girl on Fire tracklist:

1. "De Novo Adagio (Intro)"      
2. "Brand New Me"
3. "When It's All Over"  
4. "Listen to Your Heart"  
5. "New Day"    
6. "Girl on Fire (Inferno Version)" (featuring Nicki Minaj)
7. "Fire We Make" (duet with Maxwell)
8. "Tears Always Win"    
9. "Not Even the King"    
10. "That's When I Knew"  
11. "Limitedless"  
12. "One Thing"      
13. "101"

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