Bad Brains Set To Drop new album this month, Into the Future

Bad Brains have always been quite difficult to understand, even as their influence widens several areas of rock. Their concerns in hardcore, reggae, and metal don't always gel into a solid overall sound, but on their recent album “Build a Nation”,  Bad Brains are persistently following all of their interests with an almost flawless new focus. Somehow, they produce songs of diverse and apparently incompatible styles work on the same record. No one else could sound even slightly plausible jumping from hardcore punk to dub reggae in succeeding tracks. Bad Brains always complex lynchpin H.R. sounds re-energized and Earl and Darryl jump from style to style without blemish and Dr. Know carries on his usual guitar style known to man.

Into the Future, Bad Brains’ ninth studio album set for November 20, 2012 on Megaforce Records.

1."Into the Future"
3."We Belong Together"
4."Youth of Today"
5."RubADub Love"
6."Yes I"
7."Suck Sess"
8."Jah Love"
9."Earnest Love"
10."Come Down"
12."Maybe a Joyful Noise"
13."MCA Dub"

Bad Brains, new album, Into the Future