Bad Religion Sixteenth album True North, Due in January

Most famous rock bands wind up losing much of steam in their later years, and their songs ends up being softer than it used to be, but not so with Bad Religion; it's been over 3-decade since they released their debut album “How Could Hell Be Any Worse?”, after fifteen studio albums, several live albums, countless singles, compilations, E.P.s, and several solo albums from its members, the band doesn't have anything left to prove. Mainly since they back to their own label, Epitaph Records, in the 00's, the quality of their release is assured, and their fans are certainly going to love every minute of it.

Greg Graffin and the boys are currently in the studio working on their new record True North. The production of the record is handled by Brett Gurewitz and Joe Barresi. It is due for release on January 22, 2012, and will contain the following songs:

1."True North"
2."Past Is Dead"
3."Robin Hood in Reverse"
4."Land of Endless Greed"
5."Fuck You"
6."Dharma and the Bomb"
7."Hello Cruel World"
9."In Their Hearts Is Right"
10."Crisis Time"
11."Dept. of False Hope"
12."Nothing to Dismay"
13."Popular Consensus"
14."My Head Is Full of Ghosts"
15."The Island"
16."Changing Tide"

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