For a Good Time, Call Home Video Release Date set for January

Universal Studios Home Entertainment will bring Jamie Travis’ comedy film For a Good Time, Call to Home Video Formats, DVD/Blu-ray and Digital Download, on January 22, 2013. The DVD disc will be available for the price of $ 26.98 (SRP) while two disc combo pack, Blu-ray + DVD / Digital Copy + UltraViolet, will run at $ 25.99 (SRP)

The film starts Ari Graynor as Katie Steel, Lauren Miller as Lauren Powell, Justin Long as Jesse, Seth Rogen as Captain Jerry and Mimi Rogers as Adele.

For a Good Time, Call follows Miller and Steel who have had a trouble with each other dating all the way back to their days in school a decade ago. Regardless of having a mutual pal in Jesse, these two have managed to stay away from each other for a long time because of their dislike for one another. But, that's on the verge of change because of the unexpected situation that forces them together. Miller is dumped by her live in boyfriend and looking for a place to stay. She doesn't have the money to live on her own right now and is desperate to find someplace to stay. Steel on the other hand is also looking for a place to stay, because she's also running out of money and needs someone to assist her foot the bill. Once Jesse learns this, he comes up with the suggestion to get them together. After some convincing, the two agree to stay together. Before long, Miller learns that Steel earns her living by working as a phone sex operator. She sees this as a potentially money-making business for the both of them if they go into to business for themselves. While that may or may not end up being realistic, they also find companionship, love and parts of themselves in the process.

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