Jimi Hendrix People Hell & Angels Contains 12 Unreleased Songs

It's remarkable Jimi Hendrix produced so much music in a short-period of time. Over four decades after his death, new materials are still being released. Some of these releases are somewhat repetitive, but anyhow the music is in the right hands to do these releases justice. A several years back, the Jimi’s family obtained the rights to his music, resulting in tasteful packages that would make the artist proud. They also mentioned that there's enough material for a decade worth of releases.

Jimi dropped three records in his lifetime but he was continually recording music in the last two years of his life, working out which direction he wanted to go next. He was also working on his next record, which never came out because he died before he could release it.

People Hell & Angels will feature 12 unreleased songs recorded in 1968-69, which see Jimi experimenting with various musical instruments. The album is due for release on March 04, 2013.

1. Earth Blues
2. Somewhere
3. Hear My Train A Comin
4. Bleeding Heart
5. Let Me Move You
6. Izabella
7. Easy Blues
8. Crash Landing
9. Inside Out
10. Hey Gypsy Boy
11. Mojo Man
12. Villanova Junction Blues

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