Nashville rockers RED back with Release the Panic, track list

Red is a Christian rock group that hailed from Nashville, Tennessee. They dropped their debut album, "End of Silence", in 2004 and have been going sturdy ever since, steadily gaining a dedicated fan-base around the country. They are a lot like their peers at the moment. They are hard rock with some real music thrown in for good measure. They have a frontman who has an outstanding harmonious voice, and even a support vocalist who has some ability when it comes to the art of a good scream. Their last album “Until We Have Faces, is a thoroughly enjoyable record with full of pulse-pounding riffs and vocals, stunning acoustics and even some outstanding melodic vocals.

Red is currently working on their fourth album “Release the Panic”, due for release on February 05, 2013 through Essential, Sony. 

Red’s “Release the Panic” Track List:

1. "Release the Panic"  
2. "Perfect Life"  
3. "Die for You"    
4. "Damage"    
. "Same Disease"    
6. "Hold Me Now"    
7. "If We Only"    
8. "So Far Away"    
9. "Glass House"    
10. "The Moment We Come Alive"

Deluxe edition  
11. "Love Will Leave a Mark"     
12. "As You Go"     
13. "Hymn for the Missing (Guillotine remix)"     
14. "Death of Me (Guillotine remix)"     
15. "Breathe Into Me (Remix Acústica)"  

Red, Release the Panic, CD, Box Art, Image, Cover, New

RED, Release the Panic, CD, Cover, Image