Chase Novak’s horror book BREED gets Movie Treatment

Summit Entertainment has concluded a deal to turn the bestselling Chase Novak’s horror book “Breed” into a feature film. The book was published in September 2012 by Mulholland Books and contains 320 pages. Burr Steers is set to direct his own screenplay while Jeffrey Clifford and David Heyman are on board to produce the adaptation.   

Breed tells the story of a couple “Leslie and Alex” from Manhattan. They have everything they want, except a child After numerous fertility tests and thousands of dollars, the couple is worried and will do anything to conceive. One day they meet a couple they know from their infertility meetings they find out the wife is now pregnant. Alex manages to talk to the couple and they suggested seeing Dr. Kis, a doctor in Slovenia. Once they make the venture to Slovenia and get the required treatment and Leslie got pregnant. Fast forward to a decade later Alex and Leslie are the parents of twins Adam and Alice, with a hunger for their own children. The twins have been locked in their rooms every night for the past decade and have no friends, decided to escape. 

BREED, movie